Anushka Sani

Anushka Sani

Creative Director

Creative Director

Formally trained in visual communication design and mass media, Anushka envisioned starting her own studio in 2010 while she was at Srishti, School of Art, Design & Technology in Bengaluru. She believes her calling is to understand a problem – not to just make things pretty, but to design with intention, making sure that each decision has a clear rationale.

Her experience of building, managing and growing a design team, as Creative Director of Skarma, gave her a unique perspective into the business of design; creating IPs, managing clients, and the landscape of agencies in India. During this two year period, she created and worked with 40+ brands and campaigns.

Thought Over Design was launched in 2014 with the simple idea that good design is the outcome of ‘thinking’ mindfully and intentionally about things before doing them. 

Her vision is to bring global standards and professionalism to the process and emphasise the importance of design in India; to educate people in business, who make the big decisions, about the value of design and how it can sit at the core of their strategy.

In a world where sometimes doing 'more' is translated as doing 'well', TOD’s focus is on making things that matter.

Anushka is unapologetic about wanting a life outside work for her team. “Time for yourself shouldn’t be a rare luxury. Go home happy, come into work early with your game face on and don’t burn out,” she says. “We have to invest in building good talent in India by nurturing it. This doesn't always mean working manic hours! We’re not finding the alternative to lithium ion, are we?”

She maintains this balance at the studio by curating the projects they take on and making sure the team is as inspired by the opportunities and businesses they work with. 

Drawn to the ocean, she invested time, living and working, at Havelock in the Andaman Islands. Here, she acquired her Dive Masters license and trained in underwater photography. This experience, coupled with her interest in non-fiction storytelling, led her to creatively produce and collaborate on the web-series Way Back Home & Away From Home.

Ambitious about informing the way the next generation approaches design in India, she has conducted design workshops at INK conference, Goa & ISDI, Mumbai and is a guest juror at Ecole School of Design, Mumbai.

Having worked with 100+ clients over the last ten years, Anushka is sniper focused on elevating the quality and value of design in India.