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A roundup of some of the coolest designers across the world that inspire us

Finding inspiration in an iconic fashion show

By Rohit Dasgupta, Tabitha D'Souza, Niyati Mehta, Ganesh More & Tanvisha Chugh
Feb 17, 2022


Rohit picked Anton & Irene

Anton and Irene is run by two former NYC agency directors turned hands-on designers. I admire the fact that they abandoned the traditional hierarchy jumping to open up shop and design themselves. They believed quality work is easier to produce when designers interact directly with the brands they are designing for.


Tabitha picked Shivani Parasnis

I feel that as a designer and typographer, Shivani manages to bring a lot diversity and skill to the work she puts out. Her work is dynamic and edgy but feels very warm. A lot of the times, the more 'edgier' work the more it alienates you, but Shivani's work does the opposite by making you want to know more. I especially love the work that she's been doing at Spotify and find it super inspiring!


Niyati picked Rob Clarke

Rob Clarke designs logos and custom fonts. It would be impossible to not be familiar with the work he has created. He has made the Cadbury, Kleenex, Polo and Boots logos, to name a few. I love how his work is displayed on his website and his instagram. No pizzazz, no motion, no distractions. Only black and white logos, making the design truly sing. Each wordmark is iconic and brilliantly crafted.


Ganesh picked Cristoph Niemann

His take on everyday life and objects is very inspiring. I like his analogy about making landscapes being a pastime - like smoking or drinking coffee - except it’s healthier and lasts longer.


Tanvisha picked Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is a creative designer, art director and founder of the creative agency &Walsh, NYC. She has directed some of the most beautiful product and concept shoots, interlacing retro designs with contemporary art. The way she takes inspiration from her daily life and translates witty humor into her designs, with beautiful typography and bold photography is truly iconic. She's always my go to for art direction inspiration!


Rohit is a UX UI director at TOD. He loves video games, books and graphic novels. He also dreams of one day studying political philosophy.


Tabitha is a designer at TOD who loves illustrating, watching dog videos and infusing her fun, colourful personality into every project.


Niyati is a designer at TOD. She works on the branding and packaging projects at the studio. She spends most of her time on the internet and loves to try different cuisines.


Ganesh is a design director at TOD. He loves to be with nature, go on treks and while doing that, always always seeking the perfect scenery to capture on paper.


Tanvisha is a designer at TOD. She thrives on dance, loves to travel, seeks new adventures and always tries to explore different cultures and art forms.

A note about the Journal

For us at Thought Over Design ‘Creativity’ isn’t an end product. It’s an ongoing journey of inspiration that comes from fresh observations of the world, headlong dives into curious obsessions, explorations of art and culture, listening to diverse voices, and a million more places we’re still discovering.

The Journal is an experiment in sharing these musings with the world. It’s a mixed bag of scribbles from our research, inspiration sessions, lateral think pieces, work from designers we admire, pop-culture takes and often our own agenda-free creative pursuits.

The stories and ideas we share here are an attempt to not just gather our own thoughts but also leave the world a little more inspired than we found it.

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