Optimed Group has been a strong player in the Indian Eyewear space. Their focus has been on bringing down quality international brands and distributing them India. With the new generation of traditional businesses in India thinking of direct to consumer – Optimed was keen to launch a kids eyewear brand.

Given the size of the market for organized retail on eyewear is growing – Mukul, the founder – wants to focus on the even lesser tapped market of eyewear for children.

Why can’t choosing glasses be fun for a kid? How come as kids everything else is made super exciting but going to the optician to find a pair of glasses is boring and kind of dull.
Can we reimagine a brand that actually makes this fun?

Introducing Seesaw Eyewear. A new brand of kids eyewear, conceptualised & designed to make glasses fun!


Behind the name

We wanted to introduce a layer of storytelling into the brand itself. We decided to call it ‘SEE-SAW’ which is a humorous take in the context of eyewear. The client wanted something super colorful so we created a character that the brand can build over time.


Meet Seezar

‘Seezar’ the Beaver is a young, curious and excited little mascot who's been playing in the park and his glasses have now gotten a bit wonky because of this. Even the name ‘Seezar’ the beaver has some wordplay.



Since the retail environments have barely any room for branding – we wanted to create packaging that can serve as fun points-of-sale if they’re stacked together or placed on shelves in a display.

The packaging literally brings to life our brand identity – we used the most basic understanding of analog lenticular frame animation to achieve this. Given this is an optical illusion adds a very meaningful dimension to the brand as well.


Launch Video

Building Brands with Purpose

Building Brands with Purpose

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